Our Team Mission
Advance the health of the global community and our healthcare clients with c-suite advisory services, information sharing, and mission-critical application development. Apply our insight and information to assist the organizations we serve with state of market patient and provider experience, finance, and supply chain solutions.

Why RealActivity?
We're a boutique consulting firm, with a diverse team and regarded by many as the best with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and cloud based clinical informatics. We work with Microsoft to train their staff and partners in health technology and informatics. Our Provider Experience Platform integrates with Microsoft, Oracle, Workday and SAP. Our product, RealActivity drives provider productivity, pay equity, reduces burnout and provides organization wide compensation and RVU management.

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Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

POC and Demo Environments
FHIR Integration
Adoption and CoE
‌Training Services
‌Health Bots
‌Patient Engagement
‌Health Team Collaboration
‌Clinical and Operational Analytics

RealActivity Provider Experience Platform

cFTE and CARTS (CARES) Tracking
‌‌Provider Burnout
‌Compensation Equity
‌RVU Management
‌Provider Attestations
‌CMS Reporting

Community Engagement

‌Boston Healthcare Cloud Community
‌Power Platform Community
‌Microsoft Tech Days
‌Microsoft MVP, MCT
‌Acceleration Economy
‌Health Cloud without Borders